This site is brought to you by Kyle and Briana. In our previous lives we were both college graduates, working career-oriented jobs on the fast track to settling down for the long run. In July of 2009 while on a climbing trip in Smith Rock, Oregon we realized that there was a whole world out there that we wanted to explore. We began saving and planning and are now pursuing our dream to travel around the world riding our tandem bike and rock climbing in some of the most amazing places this planet has to offer.

RollGlobal.org is our gift to you. In researching travel destinations, climbing areas and cycling routes we noticed that good information can be hard to come by. It is our mission to provide our readers with concrete tools to experience the places we go. From specific route beta to downloadable GPS tracks for cycling, RollGlobal.org aims to give you all of the information you need to step out your door and experience these amazing places for yourself. Come roll with us on our journey around the globe!

About the Authors:

CIMG0961Kyle and Briana started gym climbing in the fall of 2007 in preparation for a three week trip to New Zealand. In New Zealand they were introduced to outdoor climbing at Castle Hill outside of Christchurch and in Paynes Ford near Abel Tasman National Park. Since then they have never looked back. Climbing has become an integral part of their lifestyle and kept them busy on every summer weekend and vacation ever since.

Their cycling enthusiasm grew from their daily commute. Both use their bicycles as their main form of transportation. Their commuting turned to touring with the purchase of their Bike Friday Family Tandem. They have worked together as a team touring around the San Francisco Bay Area on their tandem.

Nothing has helped foster their love of travel more than camping, hiking, and being in nature. They strive to experience new countries in a positive and low-impact manner.

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