The Long Flat Roads of America

One of the main things you notice when you drive across the US is how BIG it actually is. Driving from St. Louis to Denver across the Great Plains is the same distance as driving from Amsterdam to Budapest. No one drives from Amsterdam to Budapest! The Great American Road Trip is a beast all its own and has to be experienced to be appreciated. This summer we explored much of the United States and spent some long hours on the highway getting from here to there. For a little taste of the open road we have put together a stop motion video of our drive from Wichita, KS to Fort Collins, CO. To spice it up we threw in a little AC/DC. Enjoy!

One Response to “The Long Flat Roads of America”

  1. Clive said:

    Hi there

    But it’s so long, straight and flat! I got bored just watching the speeded up version, how you must have felt doing the real thing I can only imagine. here in the UK we have nothing as long, straight and flat as that. Maybe we’re the lucky ones – or maybe not!

    Thanks for a great blog!


    November 5th, 2011 at 2:46 am

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