The City Museum

What does an old shoe factory, log cabin, and found objects have in common? The answer: The City Museum in St. Louis, MO. I can see that perplexed look on your face as you try to connect the commonalities, but I assure you that it works.

We discovered the City Museum while we were driving around hiding from the rain reading wikitravel. Which if you haven’t discovered it yet is a great travel resource as it is essentially open source Lonely Planet.

Rather than try to describe the awesomeness I’ll let the description from wikitravel convince you.

For the young or young at heart. Don’t let the name fool you–this place is a blast! The City Museum is a huge playground built in an old warehouse made largely out of architectural artifacts from around St. Louis collected by an eccentric millionaire. There are concessions inside the museum as well as bar service by local brewery Schlafy. Not really much of a museum as it is mazes, obstacle courses, tunnels, airplanes suspended in midair, and chutes and ladders.

There are few places these days where it is publicly acceptable to have a beer with your friends then immediately run through some tunnels and slide down a 10 story slide. Yes that’s right. A 10 story slide. I think the picture below although terrible quality captures the fun that is only had from a tall slide. If you ask nicely the guys monitoring the slide have some anti-static spray to give you some extra speed.


If you find yourself in St. Louis definitely make a stop at the museum. If you are there during the day you can even have a pair of custom shoelaces made on the old equipment. This place truly is fun for all ages and has some other amazing things that need to be experienced to be believed.


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