How to Get More out of Your Travel Experience

You’ve budgeted, planned, plotted your escape and now you have arrived at your first destination. You have all this free time, you’ve seen the sights and been on the move but you are already starting to get fatigued.

Traveling for two weeks and two years can look very different. When you travel long-term on a budget your priorities tend to change. You have completely changed your lifestyle and liberated your time to do with as you please. So what is it that you want to do?

Before you set out it’s worthwhile to jot down some ideas about what you want to accomplish. Look at your life now. Is there anything you wish you had time for? Would you study foreign languages? Learn to play music? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try out a new activity? Whatever you desire, now is your opportunity to make it happen.

On our trip many of our activities determined our destinations and defined how we spent our time. Our desire to explore our interests in climbing and cycling led us to four continents and let us experience different languages, cultures and landscapes. Whatever your personal goal for your trip is, any steps you make towards accomplishing it will be rewarding and make your trip even more meaningful to you.

So before you hit the road take a few minutes and think about what you have always wanted to do. I’m sure you will find ways to incorporate it into your trip. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

Happy travels!

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