Sinks Canyon Sport Climbing

No visit to the lovely Lander, Wyoming would be complete without climbing at Sinks Canyon. The climbing is high quality, diverse and accessible. And in true Lander style there is a great free campsite right beneath the crag.

Sinks Canyon has climbs on dolomite, sandstone and granite though the bulk of the developed sport climbing is on Bighorn dolomite. Routes are well protected, deliciously pocketed and grades offer something for everyone.

The guidebook says that you can climb here year round, though due to the orientation of the canyon wall you are probably better off avoiding summer. We were here in July and the sun hit the crag by 9 or 10 am. We only got a few routes in because we were just baking in the sun. That said, the view was great, the cool breeze was nice, and the climbs we did were fantastic.

If you are thinking of taking a trip to Sinks, don’t forget your new guidebook which is available from Amazon here.


This one’s a bit of a doozy. When you drive towards Sink’s Canyon out of Lander you will find four campgrounds. The first is a State Park campground, the second two are developed NFS campgrounds ($15 fee) and the third is a free NFS campground with a pit toilet and garbage service.

The free campground is literally another 30 seconds down the road from the pay campgrounds. The roads to the sites are a bit rough and there were several campers who appeared to have taken up residence in all of the best spots, but it was legal free camping right next to the climbing, we weren’t going to complain at all!


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