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If you’re familiar with our site you probably know a little bit about our back story. In January 2010 we quit our jobs to travel around the world and have been living off our savings and our ability to budget ever since.

The last year has taken us around the world and has landed us on four continents. Right now we are in the middle of a cross-USA road trip in our Toyota Tacoma truck that we have outfitted to be a mini-RV.

While we travel on a pretty strict budget we always make sure we are enjoying ourselves. One thing we have learned is that budgeting doesn’t mean you have to forgo doing what you want.

Since we like to be comfortable and have fun we need to get a little creative to stay on budget. In our efforts to live in both the world of the bohemian and the world of the bourgeois we have come up with a new term to describe our nomadic lifestyle—HoBoBo.



We first heard the term “bobo” while couchsurfing in France. It is an abbreviation for bourgeois-bohème and is sometimes lovingly, sometimes degradingly, used to describe young affluent folks who proscribe to hippie lifestyle choices. Think of it as “hippie-yuppie” in American terminology.

To this concept in all its irony we add a little homelessness into the mix. As travelers we are technically homeless. Having hit the road for the joy of the journey we make our way blogging along the way trying to find the balance between being comfortable, clean and having fun as cost effectively as possible.

So there you have it!

Now that you are familiar with what being a hobobo is all about we will be giving you tips on how to be vagabonds without actually feeling homeless. This series will cover maintaining your lifestyle for as little money as possible.

Since we’re currently doing a road trip around the USA we’ll talk about our strategies for staying on budget as we drive around and climb. In the coming weeks keep your eyes open for how/where to camp and for free, sleep in your car/truck and finding places to cook and shower while on the road.

If you are curious how we get things done on the road leave your questions in the comments section and we will be sure to write about it in future articles. Until then, happy travels!


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