Welcome to America. God bless pedestrian right of way.

Having just returned to the States after a trip around the world there is one thing I have learned—nothing beats having pedestrian right of way.

In the last year I have braved the streets of Bangkok on foot, competed for space for my scooter in Bali, and feared for my life on the Turkish highways. Coming home to a cultural (and legal) respect for pedestrians has never seemed better.

motoIn celebration of our homecoming Briana and I started playing the pedestrian right of way game, darting out in front of cars just to marvel at their willingness to stop for us. I guess learned to have a higher tolerance for danger as well.

After arriving home we were frequently asked what we missed most. Inevitably both Briana and I said we missed Mexican food. No place does it better (outside of Mexico) than California. After a few weeks back and a few days of consecutive meals of Mexican food I can finally say that I have satiated the year long craving.

The biggest lesson we learned while travelling is that people are generally good and helpful, and that every country loves respectful tourists. Understanding a little bit of the local customs will get you a long way.

Tourists get a bad rap everywhere and for the most part they deserve it. A little effort put forth to learn key phrases in the local language and dress and act accordingly will get you a long way. If you respect people they will respect you.

Managing your attitude, understanding, and expectations is key to having a great time no matter where you are. Equipped with this knowledge we are ready to experience our own country with new insights gained from our global experience.


One Response to “Welcome to America. God bless pedestrian right of way.”

  1. Phillip Ferrier said:

    Sometimes I wonder about the pedestrian right of way up here in Michigan. I commute and do deliveries by bike here and the Michigan roads aren’t always friendly to pedestrians or cyclists (as if our weather wasn’t bad enough). I can imagine it is nothing compared to the crazy roads of some other countries, though (plus we have the law on our side).

    Anyway, I just found your website tonight and I love everything about it. My girlfriend and I are also climbers and couchsurfers who are excited about traveling. Thank you so much for all of your information!

    April 5th, 2011 at 9:44 pm

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