Hiking in Cappadocia

Few places on Earth are as difficult to describe as Cappadocia. Even seeing pictures doesn’t really qualify as a viable alternative to visiting. Our friends Andrew and Sarah had been there on different occasions and ranted about how amazing it was.


Having been rained out of our climbing we decided to spend some extra time there. Cappadocia is a valley in central Turkey where early Christians took refuge from persecutors by hiding themselves in underground cities and digging dwellings and churches into hoodoos.


Staying in line with the ancient people who lived there most hotels in Göreme have a cave type theme. Some hotels even use ancient dwellings for some of their rooms with all the modern amenities. Heading there in winter we were happy to have heating to protect us from the freezing temperatures.

With the exception of the main attractions with an entrance fee, everything seems to be open to your curious endeavors. We were walking in Love Valley one day and came across some friends we had met in Kalymnos who were eager to explore. We noticed a tall hoodoo with potentially easy access inside.


We took turns climbing up the 6 ft access route and got inside. Luckily our friends remembered to bring a headlamp with them and we went in to check it out.


It had at least five distinct rooms including two we couldn’t access at the top. Just to get near the top we had to climb about 20 ft up a crude ladder cut into the walls of a square vertical tunnel. It was really awesome to freely climb around on something that has been standing for over one thousand years.



Here are some other awesome pictures from our days in Cappadocia.




Walking through Cappadocia you see a lot of features similar to the picture below. We were really curious what they used the little alcoves in the picture for. We asked the owner of the hotel we were staying at and he said they used to raise pigeons. Back in the day there was no way you were going to find a good wife to marry if you didn’t have any pigeons to offer. These clustered pigeon homes were all over the valleys we hiked in.


We made some interactive panorama pictures below. You can click and drag left or right to see 360 degrees around you. The second one is of Kaymakli, the underground city. This is an old dwelling 5 stories underground carved directly into the rock!

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  1. Alison said:

    Wow great interactive photos! Technology these days….

    January 17th, 2011 at 10:34 am

  2. Alex said:

    Really awesome panoramic pics and amazing views! It’s the first post I’ve read on your blog but will subscribe to it right away with pleasure! :)

    March 15th, 2011 at 3:01 am

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