Shimano PD-M324 Pedals

pedals When you are touring you need to balance performance with functionality. We both appreciate the strength and security that comes with clipless pedals on our riding system and on the tandem we both find that the stoker and captain work better together when everyone is attached. That said, when you leave on a long tour you need to have a somewhat flexible setup. We have found that the Shimano PD-M324 pedals give us everything we need. They provide an SPD clip system that is common and easy to replace and they provide a full platform pedal for off day riding around the city in sandals.

The only downside I can think of is that they are pretty heavy, weighing in at 1.4 pounds. I plan to use these on my commute bike when I return home so that I can have the option of a clipless or a platform setup without ever having to reach for the wrench.

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