Exped Multimat

multimat These mats are extremely versatile. They can be used anywhere you want a clean dry surface. We have a unique sleeping arrangement when we are touring and these looked like they would provide an optimal solution to our search for sleeping mats. Since we ride a tandem we are limited on space and we wanted to keep the weight down as much as possible. As a result we purchased the widest one person tent we could find. The problem arose when we started looking for a sleeping pad. We wanted one that would be at least 36in wide which is the width of our tent. Unfortunately, the widest we could find was 30in and usually weighed a whopping 9lbs.

After reading that some people used the multimats for sleeping pads. We purchased two multimats thinking that we could figure out a way to fold them to be thick enough to sleep on. At 2 mm think we were kidding ourselves thinking that 8-10 mm would be enough to sleep comfortably on hard ground. Considering most thermarests are 3. 5 cm we realized there was no way we would be able to achieve that kind of padding. In the end we had to buy a foam pad to supplement our Multimats and have managed to keep the weight down but it still takes up about as much space as two thermarests. I will rate these on weight, size, function and durability.


These mats are only 19oz (540g) which isn’t the lightest thing available but given their size and versatility it is nothing to shake a stick at. Our thermarests weighed 1lb 15oz (almost 4lbs for two) versus 2lb 6oz for two multimats effectively cutting our weight in half. Our foam pad weighs just under a pound so we have shaved off a little bit of weight and gained a sleeping system that fits perfectly in our tent.


The unfolded size of the Multimat is 80in by 40in which happens to be the size of our tent so it works out great for us. The nice thing is you can fold or roll these to fit just about any space you have available. We stuff these into a duffle bag when the bike is packed into the suitcase and fold them to easily fit in the suitcase when we’re on tour. multimat_foam


These are incredibly versatile mats. They are waterproof and provide insulation from the ground moisture that tends to creep in when camping. They can be used for just about any purpose and perform well in any situation. Having two below us lets us use our sleeping bag as a blanket during the summer without feeling any cold penetrating from below.


Exped boasts that the foam is incredibly durable but this is where they begin to lack performance. We have torn a couple holes in the foam from rocky beaches and pulling on them too hard. I was surprised to find the holes and after only 15 real days of use. The holes don’t seem like they will spread and don’t affect performance. I don’t think this is a real deal breaker but it’s important to keep in mind when handling them.



Overall I would give these an 8 out of 10. They are a great product and really can be used for just about anything. While not the best for sleeping they are light, easy to clean, and dry quickly.

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