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petzl-sama_thumb I recently replaced my Singing Rock harness with the Petzl Sama harness. We will go into detail about why we retired our old harnesses in a later post, but suffice it to say they were worthy of being retired. We went to a couple outdoor stores in Switzerland and France to try out new harnesses and in the end we found some that were affordable and suited our needs. Specifically what I look for in a harness is comfort, gear loops, weight and functionality.


This harness is not as comfortable as my old Singing Rock. Some of this is due to the non adjustable leg loops. Some may find this a feature if the leg loops happen to be the right size for your leg, but I am on the cusp between the small and medium size harness. The elastic section doesn’t really provide that much flexibility in the sizing. The small was too tight and the medium is slightly too loose. When I tried it on in the store it seemed to fit well, but there was no hanging station for me to really get a feel for what it would be like under load. Having used it a few times I find the leg loops creeping into my crotch while belaying (especially after catching a fall or hanging) and cramping my style. The waist is the right size but I find that it digs into my hip bones making it uncomfortable when I am hanging at anchors. I end up wearing it a bit lower on my waist to make it more comfortable, but it still isn’t optimal.



Gear loops:

I like the design of the gear loops. The front two are fairly stiff with the molding keeping the loops away from my sides. The rear loops are more flexible at the belt allowing gear to weight them accordingly. It also has a loop for a chalk bag which is an improvement over my old harness.


This harness is very minimalist. There is no extra padding and each section that can have mesh on it does. This contributes to its light weight and adds breathability as well.




Overall it is a good functioning harness. It is easy to put on and adjust. It came with the waist belt secured and I have yet to undo it completely. Given that the leg loops don’t have buckles I find I just put in on like I would a pair of shorts.

Generally, I would say this would be a good harness if it fits you properly. It would have been nice to actually hang in the harness at the store to get an accurate feel for the harness in use. But having purchased it I have adapted to its features. I would give this 6 out of 10, I would return it if that was an option but it is satisfactory for the moderate climbing we do. I would not want to do many long multi-pitch climbs with this harness.

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    November 15th, 2010 at 8:48 am

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