We Have Arrived

getting there

Our flight from Taipei to Bangkok was pretty painless. After about three and a half hours and another meal of bad plane food we had touched down in Bangkok. We still needed to clear customs before we connected to our Air Asia flight. Aside from waiting about a half hour to see a customs official to stamp our passports it was a fairly easy experience. I think I said “hello” and those were the only words spoken. Now we just needed to see if our bags made it. It would have been tragic to lose a bag without enough time to reclaim it before our connecting flight.  Luckily everything was there and we went right over to check in. We still had about 3 hours to spare so we spent a little time hanging out in the cafeteria and napping by our gate. I was pretty useless from the fatigue and was able to keep my eyes open just long enough to get on the flight.

Our Air Asia plane gave budget airline new meaning. If you wanted any kind of food or drink it cost money. You even had to pay for water. The seats we were in didn’t recline. On top of that one of the passengers had some type of medical problem and they tried to give him oxygen. They went for the first tank and spent a solid 10 minutes trying to get it to work before going for the other tank. After a few more minutes they finally got that one going for him and he seemed to be fine. As we landed the crew said to stay seated while they removed the casualty from the flight. Their poor English translation made my heart skip a beat for a second, but I looked up the aisle where the guy was sitting and he was still alive. An ambulance pulled up and the guy left the plane under his own power and refused medical transport. He walked back into the terminal and that was the last we saw of him.

The terminal in Krabi was pretty hilarious. We disembarked from the back of the plane via stair car and noticed that there was only one jet way for the bigger planes. We went to their only baggage carousel to wait for our bags. The conveyer went directly outside. Our bags made it through this flight too and our last step was finding our way to Krabi town.

We saw a couple other tourists looking at the taxi sign assessing what a fair price was. We offered to share a cab and off we went to negotiate with the taxi stand. The guy immediately tried to overcharge us even though he sat at a sign that clearly said what the price should be. So we haggled back and forth until we got the listed price. The ride into town was pretty mellow. We only came close to two accidents. The first near collision was with a van before we left the airport and the second when our driver almost hit a girl on a scooter. Compared to India driving in Thailand was really tame. There were lines painted on the road and everyone stayed in them. There was only a little honking and everyone obeyed traffic lights. We arrived in Krabi town, said good bye to our taxi companions and set out to find a guest house.

We were pretty tired so we didn’t want to spend a ton of time searching for a room. Luckily the second one we went to had a reasonable rate and was pretty clean. We set out to get some dinner at the night market. The night market is a parking lot where street vendors set up stalls and tables for dinner every night. It was really busy but we didn’t have a problem finding a stall and sitting down. We ordered some tasty Thai dishes and a beer Chang to toast to our arrival and the beginning of our amazing honeymoon and new lifestyle.

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