Eagle Wall

eagle wall 1Eagle Wall has a huge variety of climbs including some nice long single pitch routes and is in the shade most of the day. You can access Eagle Wall with a short walk at low tide from Ton Sai. Eagle Beach Bay is right around the corner from Cobra Wall. (See the panorama). From the beach you walk 5 min through an incredible palm forest. As soon as you leave the beach and enter the forest all of the sounds and sights change. Walking through we marveled at the huge banyans, curling vines and towering palms. The whole day at the rock we could feel we were deep in the jungle. The cicadas sang in chorus and the monkeys rustled in the trees above.

To start with we both led 4:20 (6a) the first pitch of a decent two pitch climb. It was a fun climb, nice and easy for a warm up but nothing special. After that we hit Eagle Wall’s classic “Where eagles don’t dare” (6a+). The climb was 30 meters high, had some fun stemming and a little crux that was well protected around the 7th clip. The rock was similar to a lot of the walls around here—super sharp from rainfall battering the limestone at the bottom then smoothing out to plaster-like tufas and ever present Ton Sai jugs for the rest of the climb. The view from the top was pretty incredible. Okay, a lot of the views around here are incredible but this one was particularly striking. As you top out you can see over the palm forest and straight out to Thaiwand wall at the end of Railay and Happy Island extending off the end of the peninsula.

palm forest small

eagles dont dare small

For an extra adrenaline rush “Where eagles don’t dare” also featured a nearby wasp’s nest. The nest was about 20 feet off the ground and maybe 10 feet to the right of the route. Luckily there wasn’t any real possibility for a swinging fall into the nest, though the giant wasp buzzing around my head made for an interesting belay when Kyle was leading. He’s up there trying to lead the climb as I am pacing back and forth trying to avoid the giant wasp who seems overly interested in my head. In the end there were no stings, just a good deal of whimpering on my end.

After that we walked left over to “Desayuno de Nono” (6b). The climb was up on a tricky little belay ledge but had plenty of fixed line to tie into. It was another 30 meters of great climbing. Again it started out sharp then smoothed out. Around the 5th clip it offered a little break from the Ton Sai jug fest with a few balancey crimpy moves and a second overhanging crux around the 7th clip. As a reward we also got another peak at the great view from the top.

While shady, the dense jungle by Eagle wall offered nothing in terms of a breeze. We came down from each climb just dripping with sweat. Without any air movement we just sat there sweaty. Nothing dried, we just sweated more. Again after 3 climbs we decided we were zonked and called it a day. There is a lot more to be seen at Eagle though. We will be returning shortly.

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