Great Expectations

Deciding to quit your job, sell everything, and live out of a backpack can be a daunting task. Easing into travel with a few short trips can help you get accustomed to what travel life will be like, but nothing can prepare you for giving up your creature comforts to embark on a journey where you may never really have a place to call your own. Traveling is just as much about experiencing a new place as it is about self discovery. How you decide to travel is based on your comfort level and budget. Some people prefer only to stay in hotels. Others like the community surrounding hostels. Our personal favorite is the community. What you choose may vary by location and what is available.

When you travel to a new place there is a lot that can affect your perception of it. It’s natural to let your expectations and preconceived values dictate how you experience a new culture. What is important is to recognize what issues you may be bringing to the situation and to try to do what you can to resolve them so you can enjoy the destination for what it is. It’s possible you just don’t like a place and never will. That is just as important to recognize as the reason you feel connected somewhere else. An open, positive attitude is essential whenever you leave your comfort zone.

This is the first time we will have an open ended trip and we don’t know what is in store for us. The best way we can prepare is to remain open minded and leave our expectations at home.

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