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The Edelweiss rope was our first climbing rope and has served us exceptionally well. I originally chose the rope because I felt like it balanced durability with all around usefulness and affordability. I wanted a thick 60 meter rope and at 10.3mm the Axis was perfect. I was just starting out and wasn’t planning on any multi-pitch epics or intense sport fall abuse. I wanted a solid durable rope that I could use to carry me from beginning outdoor climber to wherever the sport may take me.

We have climbed on the Axis for over two years now. Yikes! That sounds like a dangerously long time. Keep in mind that the first year and a half of this was when we were weekend warriors and beginning climbers. Few lead falls were taken on the rope in that time and the actual climbing days were unfortunately rare.

Within a few months of owning the rope I noticed some wear on the sheath. A little fuzziness sprang up after a few days out at Pinnacles in California. This is not terribly unusual as Pinnacles has some very sharp rock. Upon inspection I saw that the fuzz was all superficial and since then it hasn’t worsened.

Given the age of our rope and the forthcoming abuse in Ton Sai we figured that we would end up climbing it out and donate it for use as slings at the end of the trip. After a few months of daily use, some substantial lead falls and countless sweat-soaked climbing knots, the rope has gone a bit flat on one end. We have carefully inspected it and the core maintains its integrity, the sheath still looks good save for a few more fuzzy areas that have appeared over time, again all superficial. The rope still has some life in it and we will probably hold onto it for the rest of the summer’s climbing.

While the axis is a great rope and perfect for a beginner, there are a few things I will be looking for with the next rope I buy. The Axis lacks a center marking which is insanely useful on multi-pitch routes. While you can purchase some rope specific dye, weave some dental floss in, or simply take a sharpie to your rope (the internet is full of ideas and I have read them all), the next rope I buy will definitely have a center marking. The Axis is also a little thick for my tastes. As I have changed from a weekend warrior to a climbing bum I have grown to appreciate every millimeter (or lack thereof). I am not sure what my next rope will be but I am hoping to find a good deal on a dual-pattern 9.8mm-ish rope.

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Happy Climbing!

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